The most recent realization of being older than I feel has come as a result of blood tests and an organ ultra sound. The results of which were emailed to me during my road trip. I learned I have liver disease and a gall stone.

What?? Who me?

No need to panic. I am vowing to currently hold off on the internet searches of webmd until my next appointment, later this week. I definitely don’t feel a youthful invincibility that I might have felt just five years ago. I am much more quick to ask “what should I do?” and “can this reverse?”Joey1978 RulezThe most immediate response from my doctor is to say farewell to alcohol (not the cause of my liver problems, but also not helping). I am not a drinker by many standards. But in the heat, and a work free summer, a cold beer or cider sounds lovely. The date works out well enough, my birthday has passed and the month is coming to a close.

Other changes: consistency in exercising (might need a pedometer) and less desserts/bread. This is way scarier than the alcohol. My vegetarian diet contains a decent portion of carbohydrates, that I am going to start moving away from. Don’t worry family: I will still serve you pizza, sandwiches, and pasta but I might be adding in a bit more greens with an extra helping for momma.

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