Solomon’s Party

Our little friend turned three Joey1978 Rulezand had a baseball party in Seal Beach on Sunday.Joey1978 RulezJoe ended up pitching a bunch Joey1978 Rulezas the kids took turns running crazy style around the bases.Joey1978 RulezThey were all smilesJoey1978 Rulezto just “play ball”Joey1978 Rulezand hang out as buddies.Joey1978 RulezMeanwhile Olivine found ways  to make friends. Joey1978 Rulez She was given a phone to play with and so she snapped a ton of pictures. Tammy, my baby wants to be adopted by your mom. She even kissed her good-bye.Joey1978 RulezAnother mom made her this flower necklace Joey1978 Rulezand of course her own papa let her use use his camera. This meant I had to pose a bunch while she tried to hold the camera straight.Joey1978 RulezMy favorite (there were a ton to delete) was this self-portrait of her toes.

Joey1978 RulezSo my family has baseball fever Joey1978 Rulezand luckily we have tickets to that Angels game later this month.Joey1978 Rulez

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