A morning of park playDSC03634at WhaleyDSC03637early enough to avoid the humidityDSC03642We brought along balls and
DSC03627bats forDSC03632keeping little ones active.
DSC03644In the afternoon we had snack
Joey1978 Rulezand naps and drawing.
Joey1978 Rulezfor recharging
Joey1978 RulezA Saturday that I distinctly notice will disappear in a couple weeks when I start back up with teaching in the morning.
Joey1978 RulezI even sat through Up. Everyone warned me about sad parts, but they didn’t prepare me for the stinging in my chest. My kids were looking at me with worry. I hate the idea and it feels like a weight on my chest that one day I could loose Joe or he would loose me. What would I do? And this is an animated kid’s movie. It didn’t ruin my lovely Saturday, but I want to sleep tired after that kind of heart ache.

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