A full day that I use a couple standard measures to gage the success of with little ones. They had their friends over. They played on bikes until sweaty with no arguing. They tree climbed, transplanted caterpillars into trees for safe keeping, watched beetles, and cracked jokes.
Joey1978 RulezThen we headed to the beach and I could ignore the screaming at the tops of their lungs. I hardly had to say anything at all. They had all the freedom they could want while I daydreamed and listened and soaked in some sun.Joey1978 RulezLater, there was fearless reaching for wild  moonjellies in the lagoon. It was post-lunch and beach clean up, so they stripped down to undies.GetAttachment.aspx
It was a double dose of water play. They even found a fish skeleton to poke at.GetAttachment-1.aspxAnd then an evening topped off with tummies full from a sushi party. 
DSC01086 Family style, reach for your fillings, and maybe some shitake mushrooms never made it to the roll, but instead detoured to my lips, chaotic “free for all” type of dinner I relish.DSC01089I would live like this year round if I could.

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