We have been trying to eat vegan more often these days. Not for any particular reason except that Joe and I were vegan for so long. I am in a phase of reminding myself that dairy isn’t necessary all the time.

While in Portland, one of the many take aways from my trip, highly recommended so I came home and checked out the cookbook: Isa Does It. This is her latest cookbook (I already own two) and luckily the library had a copy.

I am definitely in love with the puffy pillow pancakes (her name for them that is completely accurate) that I altered by adding dark chocolate chips to.Joey1978 RulezHer curried peanut sauce bowl with tofu. This feels like the mixing of sweet and spicy that is mine and Joe’s palates complimenting one another.Joey1978 RulezShe is a brunch fan (as am I) and so her chipotle sausage hash is another versatile dish. I love cilantro and avocado as a topping.Joey1978 Rulez

I love the colorful pages and “notes” she provides that almost feel like she is talking to me. No fancy terms or assuming within cooking steps. I love the straight forward steps and time estimates for “total time” and “active time.”

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