Dental Care

Everyone wants to go to a dentist they trust. An open mouth is a vulnerable space to be in. So imagine my disappointment to discover Paul had (not only) his first cavity, but an infection. We scrambled on Friday afternoon to find an open, local office. He was given antibiotics and sensory overload with the video games and continuous kid films being played. He loved it. My eyebrows furrowed at the counter in the corner selling candy. When I pointed it out to Joe, he smiled and emphasized the “sugar free” sign. What? It’s the dentist. This is not about toys and candy. Is it? I should have seen warning signs in their mission statement that highlighted the adjective Fun.DSC01112So today Steven (yes, Sun’s little brother) removed the tooth. I hate when Sun is right. (I am the one with the maiden name: Reidt) I ignored his pleas to visit his brother and now in a bind, I realized I should changed a long time ago. We still go to an Orange County dentist that was mostly due to feeling comfortable rather than the best care. Steven is knowledgable, local, safe, and good at explaining what he is doing.
DSC01118Even though we had our teeth cleaned in June, I am skeptical now. I made all of us appointments in the next month. Not all at the same time, because this guy only works three days a week. But I want us to avoid as many infections as possible and receive reliable education about our teeth. Better late than never, is what I am focusing on today, to avoid the insecurities of “should have” and “if only.” No one wants to see their child in pain or poor hygiene.

If you are in Long Beach and need a good dentist, let me know, because this place is the real deal.

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