Small Gathering

Aunt Kathy did not want a big party for turning sixty-five.Joey1978 RulezBut she did want family, pizza, and swim time, so we are definitely the people to invite.Joey1978 RulezWe stopped by the nursery to find the perfect plant. We decide on a plumeria (my Ba’chan’s favorite).Joey1978 RulezOlivine liked the statues more than the plants.
Joey1978 RulezThe weather was warm enough that the kids spent a ton of time in the water.
Joey1978 RulezThey even played in the hot tubJoey1978 Rulezbut I guess that feels like an oversized bath that has the “more the merrier” feel to it.Joey1978 RulezAs summer winds down, so does birthday season. Joe’s is tomorrow. Fast approaching is fall and the excitement is mounting over a new baby girl arriving within a month.
Joey1978 RulezAnd then Miss Fiona will be a big sister.Joey1978 RulezSuper relaxing Saturday. Happy Birthday Aunt Kathy.



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