It’s been so hot that we dragged the mattress into the kid’s room and had a family room with our one tiny swamp cooler. One week of that is about all I can handle but it is sort of fun.
DSC_5710When it is this hot, dinner becomes a challenge because I don’t want to stand at the stove or oven. Our little apartment holds all that heat when the air is still. Happily, Paul suggested making veggie sandwiches. He made them for us and pretended to be the guy working at Subway. Strange part is, that was Joe’s first job in high school and Paul is probably the only person who thinks that is awesome!DSC_5709the laundry is easy with boys in uniforms. It’s the smallest one who wants to wear crazy outfits (this is one of the last outfits my grandfather bought her that still fits-it’s Easter themed with a baby chick) and I love it.
DSC_5719We visited our favorite free train ride at Goat Hill Junction.DSC_5724These three are the perfect age to enjoy this train ride together. An overcast morning is perfect for a breeze and enjoying the open air.DSC_5725The days are full and the nights are short. But we are having fun as we go in different directions some days and meet back up at the dinner table to share what we have learned.



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