Back to School Night

Thanks for Grammy for watching little ones.

What can I say? I love the teachers the boys have. These are seasoned ladies who are experts in their field.I am taking notes for my own classroom (estimation jars, centers using plastic bottles, locks with numbers matching keys with equations). Tonight is the overview for the year and a preview of work done so far.


I am proud of Paul’s penmanship. Joe and I are strong believers in handwriting. Yes, he should type but he should also know how to form letters nicely.DSC01158His classroom will have pen pals (so fun), a monthly author study, multiple field trips (some via city bus), and the grand finale will be a performance in a play. They have already started Reader’s Theater scripts.

Then there is our Henry.

DSC01157His little smiley face thrilled to be at school with a backpack and a desk.DSC01156There is a ton of exploring, manipulating, and general fun in his room.DSC01154I am impressed with all that is being done in these classrooms. High five for public school.

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