Play Dough

I consciously fight against the guilt of not being able to volunteer in the kid’s classrooms or push the multiple fundraisers sent home (don’t really want to hit up all my other friends who have kids). So when opportunities arise- like at the Child Development Center- to sign up to be the “play dough parents” for a few months I know there is grace for working parents.
DSC_5782 Our first batch is due by October first (fast approaching) and we decided to double the recipe.
DSC_5780 Just a few ingredients and some tips on-line about food coloring to use.
DSC_5785 Easy to make and intentionally mixed while our youngest slept.
DSC_5797 This gave us the rare chance to be with the boys and make a mess in the kitchen. Two things I need more of in my life (truly).
DSC_5783Henry handled the oven stirring and measuring of ingredients.
DSC_5786We all made our own color balls. We experimented with color mixing.DSC_5796By the time she woke up, there were plenty of colors to choose from.
DSC_5798She was more than happy to just play with each color.
DSC_5799 Henry joined in.
DSC_5802Honestly after this I found myself wondering why we hadn’t made any of this sooner. We will definitely be doing this again.

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