Only Olivine

Sometimes I think we are all adoring this little girl so much that she couldn’t possibly want anything more. Then I realize she is very attentive to the individual attention paid to her brothers. They both started school, Henry is in soccer, and she is only two. Happily, that is why she has a Grammy who can indulge her with just a little one on one time. Which I know every kid needs, even this baby girl who is seemingly spoiled.

DSC_5810This ended up being a shoe shopping trip. With not just one but two pairs of shoes being purchased.DSC_5775I guess my mom couldn’t resist her big brown eyes. Or maybe it is all the choices shopping for a girl brings. Which I denied before having a girl, but now will fully admit. There are tons more choices and colors and styles and it can by mind boggling.

But this momma heart feels thanks. These days, any extra time, that one of my babes gets with the folks they love, warms my heart. I know I can’t be in more than one place at a time. I am fortunate to have a job. I am ecstatic Joe is in his LAST year of school. But it doesn’t take away the ache to make sure my kids have their needs met. She doesn’t need shoes. Not at all. But a little time with no brothers interrupting her, no parents pushing her little legs to walk faster, and a seemingly endless amount of time with just her Grammy is seriously priceless.

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