My heart swells these days when I watch Paul help his siblings. It could be his age (almost seven-What!) or my noticing more.DSC_5767Without asking, usually just glancing over, he has become this kid who willingly plays with his brother and sister. He is unafraid to be silly and sweet with them. This morning, he was pushing her on a swing and laughing. Later, he was helping with helmets, buckling seat belts, and passing out water bottles. He is this guy that Joe and I find ourselves talking about late at night because of  the changes have come about so quickly. He calls his friend Mario on the phone and invites him to the park. He loves to climb into his bunk bed and put on a cd to dance to or lay quietly listening to a baseball game. He makes eye contact and orders his own food when we are out. I overhear phrases like “excuse me” and “thank you” fall from his lips without prompting. It is the reassurance that  although life is not perfect he is turning out to be a great kid.

One response to “Proud

  1. Dona

    Paul is very sweet !!

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