The other day we woke up and decided, after a long morning, we wanted to “go on an adventure.” So we packed snacks and loaded bikes in the car with helmets.


We crossed bridges spanning the port and parked at Cabrillo Beach


with perfect weather and a vacant playground


the boys rode around until we agreed it was time to go into the aquarium.


After touching the sea stars and waving at lobsters, we piled back in the car and drove some more.


I love a rocky, clear coast. Luckily my kids agree. It takes our breath away. We just stared and then drove north more until we found a crepe place for a late afternoon snack.


On our way back, we realized we could time it just right to see a sunset.


Gorgeous! The little ones were tired by the time we got home from our adventure.

DSC_8144I love to wander and drive along the coast.

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