Happy 2015!

I am hopeful about so many changes in this upcoming year. Joe will finish school and look for a job. We will most likely move in the summer because our apartment building has been sold. These are the bigger changes we are preparing ourselves for, and we know there will be plenty we can’t even imagine.


I have chosen a word to focus on that is a daily challenge with my family, my job, and my heart. “Listen” without interruption or defense or a preoccupation. I want to make eye contact, speak less, and be quick to forgive. These aren’t really resolutions because I have never been good at those. But just a word to focus on seems manageable for the upcoming year.


This is also a time of reflection on the year gone by. We have a little girl talking so much more, potty trained, and with ears pierced. A boy who started school, joined a soccer team, and learned how to swim. A big brother who is growing in independence, lost two teeth, and has built more lego creations than I can count. Joe earned his B.A. this past spring (Whoo-whoo!) and is well on his way to being done. I traveled to Portland (miss you Hedstrom Household), started my tenth year in Compton, and have continued to find joy in teaching at the community college. As a family we went camping, swimming, hiking, exploring, and traveled all the way to SF together. It’s been a jam packed year when I genuinely reflect. We have also had sadness. Moments of missing my Jich and saying goodbye to my grandmother. Gaining new friends but knowing we have lost touch with others.


I can only wonder what will be in store for 2015. Happy New Year!

One response to “Happy 2015!

  1. Wishing you all a joyful 2015!

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