Fine Motor

Olivine has loved watching her brother’s “do homework” and so we bought her a thick book of skills to practice. This morning she dressed herself in a bathing suit with pants. She took out markers and started writing letters (lots of H’s like Henry).
DSC_8242Not long after, she was asking for “homework.”
DSC_8248 She can trace and matchDSC_8244with such concentration.
DSC_8241She resists having my camera in her face.DSC_8245She sometimes talks or sings to herself.DSC_8249She even cheers herself on.
DSC_8236I love when learning is fun.DSC_8250And I love watching this little girl learn.

One response to “Fine Motor

  1. Dona

    What a doll. Happy New Year to your beautiful family. ❤️

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