Henry practicing his chopping skills, learning to be careful with a knife. We love fresh Cilantro!


Walks at sunset, with glassy ocean waters and golden glowing clouds. Yum!


Joe trying a new recipe of Eggplant Parmesan and loving the opportunity to reap the benefits of his hard work.


Rainy days beckon rain boots.


Cozied up to read stories to a little one who has pain in her ears. But somehow a good book is just the distraction she craves.


The indoor drying laundry makes me think of living in France. That seems like another lifetime ago. I can stand in the kitchen and start daydreaming about that time in my life, thankful to Joe for having made me go, all those years ago.


I have been able to enjoy this season of calm. Joe starts student teaching next week, the kids will be in childcare more, and I will soon after start teaching at the college for spring semester. But until then, we have a few more days, even an upcoming Monday off, to be together at a slower pace.

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