Grateful Hearts

One of the hopes I have for my children is they will cultivate attitudes of appreciation. After a season of giving and receiving, sitting down to express our genuine thanks is truly important.
DSC_8272With a stack of envelopes, pens, stamps, and blank cards Paul I spent a chunk of time crafting our words. As a second grade teacher I know writing becomes easy when developed around conversation and used as a medium to put the great ideas of our heart on to paper.


I have been an avid pen pal, journal keeper, postcard sender, and mail art fan for years. So, to sit with my son and share such a meaningful piece of who I am, and watch him grow in his own craft is such a gift.


The rest of our family would say our kitchen writing session gave them a gift as well.


Their naps gave us just the space we needed to talk and write slowly without interruption.


A lovely way to spend the afternoon.

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