Stars Wars

This movie themed party came up right after seeing this trilogy for the first time ever. And so there was plenty to take in. The birthday boy was dressed like a jedi and had pool noodles turned light sabers to share with guests.


Bigger kids were running around and having a blast. I kept trying to offer some “Yoda Soda” or “Vader-ade.”


We convinced Olivine to be an ewok for a short period in the backyard.


And baby Yoda was all smiles, chewing on pizza crust or blueberries.


My kids had to correct me when I called the pinata a moon, it was really the Death Star.


Someone ate cake by diving in, abandoning forks and napkins.


We even brought home some souvenir balloons that Paul gathered into his corner of the backseat.

DSC_8417I love birthday parties that are themed and casual and involve kids running around wild.

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