We feel fortunate to have family members who love us. We don’t need or deserve anything. So when my mom showed up yesterday with the generous gift of a lego table for my children we were in awe.


My grandparents were the type of people who knew your favorite drink and snack to have available when you visited. They were the kind of people who knew what you needed. Just the other day we were remembering when they visited Joe and I as newlyweds years ago in SF and brought us a grocery cart. It was the kind of gift we didn’t even know we needed until we had one and grocery shopping on the bus became exponentially easier.


These types of memories came flooding back when my mom handed us this gift.


Some dear family members noticed my kids like legos and bought them this table. They have no idea that we have started to really struggle to keep these lego creations contained and this table is perfect. They can all fit around it. There is a drawer under it to store legos.


It was incredibly generous and made us feel loved.


Thank you Kimura Family. Our hearts are full of thanks.


It’s perfect.

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