Groundhog Day

Why care? Because my Henry made this cute picture at school and brought it home (along with five permission slips to go on walks through his community). Also, we are supposedly going to have six more weeks of winter and if that means a few more rainy days, I am thrilled.


Today was not the usual Monday around here. Last night and most of today Olivine had a fever of 103, so I stayed home.


I love the role reversals. I got so giddy about staying home that I took this picture at the doorway of my three boys heading out.


If all cards line up, maybe my life will resemble something similar next year (you never know). She took a four hour nap with periodic breathing treatments. Leaving me to do things like hand wash her party dress that had cake and ice cream on it. Then take it out to dry and just stand in the sunshine, aware of the temperate weather and precious passing of time.


Or spend the mid morning, before she napped, making play dough. She chose the colors and rolled a whole tray of magical snacks.I think at one point she said “I made you coffee because I am couging” (sounds similar to her toddler ears). DSC_8583 And I took Joe’s advice/reminder to stay present wit her. He knows my personality. This was not a running errands, catch up on house cleaning, or paperwork organizing day. This was a day for me to spend with my daughter. And before she went to bed, she seemed well on the road to recovery with a 99 degree temp, steady breathing, no wheezing,


and a big smile on her face. All that love and attention speeds up recovery is what I am learning.

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