Have I told you about my friend Mimi? She is my long lost twin and honorary sister. We are learning from one another what it means to lean on and support one another in this very busy and crazy world. Luckily our boys have ended up on the same team, and although we live a couple more miles apart than we would like, we are finding strength in one another. It is an honor to watch her children because it means not only does she trust me, but they trust me. Her two boys add nothing but good to my two boys. So when she had to work yesterday, as hard as it might have been to drop them off and not hang out, she did, and the kids had such fun together- all day.


at the park


creating books




and a short video on the iPad


I wish they would pose like this for me, but they are really just sitting side by side, zoning out.

Is five kids really that different than three kids? It all feels chaotic and fun.

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