Mid-Week Game

Wednesday night games aren’t every week, but they are the game I can make it to.


I love the long shadows as Ollie plays in the grass.


The younger siblings make up their own cheering section.


Watching my boy out on that field or up to bat makes my heart fill with pride. It is a simple pride. The surprise to look out and see a little boy who is no longer a baby, isn’t that shy, and has found a sport he is passionate about.


Not to mention watching Joe out there with the team. Another moment in which we wish his parents were here. I have so many questions for his mom. Stories I never heard about Joe and little league.


These two are seriously “happy clams” and so we have no guilt about dragging them to practice and games. Look at them. They are not being tortured. They are just happy to be where all the action is.


There will surely be a dozen more posts as we experience this very first season of Rookie Ball with Paul.


He plays every game at El Dorado Park, come by and say hello if you around.

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