The Hunt

Paul was wide awake, like I used to be as a kid, waiting for everyone else to wake up.


We had a small hunt indoors, like a practice before the game.


Then friends joined us to make the early trek up to Signal Hill.


Only requirement was pajamas.


I love watching and listening to the expression of children find anything hidden. It’s a mixture of wonder, surprise, and pride wrapped up in a single moment.


Joe did all the work (he hid 95 eggs) before we arrived.

DSC_9617 It is one of these parental moments when I am aware that my joy is a contagious effect caused by their joy. I never fully understood this before having kids. It’s how I imagine the delight of God is with us.


The kids were looking high and low, until buckets were full and we ready for breakfast.


There is always a count to round up any last eggs.


We came home and seriously enjoyed two full documentaries (Jiro Dreams of Sushi & Bill Cunningham New York) in the living room, with the projector.

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