Permission & Promise

Permission is being granted to myself to practice over break and in my life, the art of being present. To drink sparkling water as much as I want (are there side effects?), wear shoes without socks, sit on blankets in yards or parks, leave my wrist watch at home (sometimes on purpose), and to not have “plan.”

Joe really hates when I ask about the “plan for the day.” His usual answer is “whatever we want” or “eat, sleep, …I don’t know.”


The promise is to my family to try harder to say “yes” instead of “no.”

That means when Olivine asks if she can wear a bathing suit I don’t give her the list of why that isn’t the best idea. Instead I realize we live in Southern CA, I want to encourage positive body images, and note to self: she asked, rather than told me. I have to look at the bright side(s).


That means when the boys ask if we can go to the park and I have a running list in my mind, instead of sending them to their rooms- I drop what I am doing and go with them.

Once in a while, I promise to live as spontaneous as I feel. Otherwise you- my dear children will never know that your momma has a bit of a free spirit inside. Or you, Joseph, will forget that your wife fell in love with a boy in SF who would jump on a bus and make up the adventures as we went, winding up in all sorts of places. I was (am) just happy to be at your side.

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