Lately I have spent some time considering the true unique and individual interests of each of my children. I definitely see birth order being a factor. Especially with the trio of oldest, middle, and youngest being right before my eyes. This is the nurture part for sure. And then there is the nature. How they each feel, react, learn, communicate, and behave.


This in turn means they don’t all have the same needs. I hug all my kids but Henry is the one who needs more physical affection. He loves to snuggle and cuddle. While Paul is at an age where the increased responsibility and even certain privileges of being older really matter. And Ollie girl is my talker. She loves the undivided attention of telling a whole story or asking a series of questions. Like me, she just wants to be heard.


They also span this magnificent range of development. Just yesterday I listened to Paul read me fact after fact from the Guinness Book of World Records and power through vocabulary that was unfamiliar, but still he managed to comprehend the gist of the information. While Henry could read the post-it note I left on his bed with such excitement. And Olivine can see letters in signs or recognize billboards.


The more I ponder the true diversity of this family I am excited at the challenge to support the child, while also truly enjoying the ways these qualities overlap and strengths benefit our entire family. I am learning constantly from my children and having opportunities to see the world through their eyes.


Plus, we have found some common ground. We all love to laugh. Sometimes until our sides hurt or eyes water. They make up the craziest jokes. We love to eat dinner together. The highchair, baby food, or even feeding someone phase has passed. So we are learning to sit and talk and be a family around the table. While also starting to prepare food and clean up together.


I feel blessed to have this many people on the Home Team.

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