to health around here. A quick recap of the month: all three little ones had ear infections and fevers, Olivine also had a respiratory infection, I had a stomach virus, and Joe got strep throat. We went through a ton of medication, many doctor visits, used thermometers and breathing treatments daily, but we are back! And wow- does good health feel amazing.
The fog has lifted. We have joined the living again.


Well timed for visiting family back in the United States after being in Italy for weeks. This meant a necessary get together and catch up. A little play, some food, and of course – just some time to zone out.


I am not nearly as eager as Joe to hold a baby. But holding one that is happy and not keeping me up in the middle of the night feels sweet. They are tiny. They remind me that mine were tiny.


These two are still all about the bath time together. This is about as close as Olivine will get to experiencing a sister at this age. They will giggle and squirt water and gibber gabber to one another.


They all crash in the car ride, we carry them in, and today we all slept in. Score!

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