Movie Nights

We are starting some new-ish traditions around movie night. It is ever evolving as our kids grow. But these days it definitely involves popcorn, pajamas, snuggles, and usually a movie from our childhood. As of recent, we have made our way through the original Star Wars and the new. We watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Princess Bride, Home Alone, and this past weekend (with friends) we watched Goonies. We are always looking for recommendations. Before the movie there was a front yard baseball game.


Joe versus the boys. While Olivine enjoyed watermelon

DSC_0135 and then looked closely at her seed. DSC_0148 She is getting better at putting on her shoes.


The boys had a canceled game due to rain the night before so this was perfect outlet for all that energy.


I love listening as they navigate scores, innings, batting order, and all the other pieces of a baseball game.


In the end she gets to hitch a ride where she stands on his pockets.


Easy, fun, and definitely in the works for the summer. Come over, meet us at the park, because we plan on having a few more movie nights.

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