Have I mentioned how truly happy I am to wake up and see an overcast sky?DSC_0043It’s how in my bones I know I could happily move to Portland, San Francisco, London, or Paris and not have depression. Maybe when I retire? (Joe are you taking notes here?)

Seriously- putting on a coat, a scarf, and seeing the rosy cheeks of those coming in from the cold makes me smile. This drought, sun soaked city had a few drops this past week and I was thrilled.DSC_0117I don’t know how these little ones would fair in a rainy climate. But they do love wearing raincoats and rainboots.

The only real downside to the rain is teaching on a rainy day. The students get restless by lunchtime. But my classroom survived. That was in part due to us reading the chapter book Matilda and then resorting to showing the film in class (one of my all time favorites). Also, breaking up the time with performance practice to “Jai Ho” for multicultural day this upcoming Friday.

One response to “Rain

  1. Dona

    Hi to all, Rain ! What rain. Riverside I’d so dry. I do worry about fires. Don and I just got back from NYC. green and Beautiful. Devin’s girlfriend just graduated from Columbia University, with her Masters !!! We had a great time. My love to all. ❤️

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