Changing Seasons

Visiting Oceanside is forever different for me now that my grandmother is gone. The walls have been painted bright blue and the roses she loved are in bloom.DSC_0282Along with this rainbow pack of chalk, all the color makes me feel hopeful for summer and the new season.

DSC_0210This was a bittersweet visit with my cousin and his son. After moving out here a year ago, they have decided to go back to Texas (of all places). I hate all the practical reasons of it being cheaper and closer to important family members. California is supposed to have a bigger pull and I was sure that family would convince him to stay.DSC_0239We mostly let the kids run wild, eat s’mores, sleep in a tent, and have a lasting memory of this season of time with their cousin.DSC_0215Balls and bubbles and laughter were the highlights.DSC_0225Now we will look forward to postcards and letters for staying in touch.DSC_0300Maybe in a year we will have a reunion. DSC_0302It really isn’t that far. Heck, I would even road trip to Texas, although we might have to meet in Austin rather than San Antonio. What do you say?

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