I am still kicking myself for never investing in an audio recorder. I know someday I will want to play back the everyday sounds of my house of these little ones, at this age. Just as much as I love scrolling through this blog to reminisce about moments that aren’t as clear until I see the photographs. For now the recording of these moments in pictures and words will have to do.


This one has been genetically predisposed to singing from my mother and me. So these days when using the restroom and washing her hands she is singing. Mostly made up songs about her life, friends, and what she wants to do. It’s a little bit of self reflecting and wishful thinking wrapped up into a familiar tune.


While from the bedroom I have recently heard a Vin Scully impression of a play by play that is mostly non-sense words to my ears about RBIs and being “on deck” with so many balls and strikes. Whenever I peek in to the room with the closed door they both freeze. So rather than sneak up and snap a similar photo of them I wanted to remember their chalkboard turned scoreboard with the line up of who is at bat.

This is what my life sounds like lately.

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