Rewind the Week

Starting with George turning Five on Tuesday. I was at the college while they all celebrated at the baseball party:DSC_0388At my school, we celebrated Career Day and Multicultural Day in the same week. DSC_0399Lots of busy activities with country reports, dancing, and an assembly.DSC_0421Joe came out with Olivine to watch the show. My class always does a dance. DSC_0414Thursday night was Open House for the boys. Henry’s class did some singingDSC_0547and Paul’s class had amazing displays (that Joe helped hang this week with his free time) of art and writing. DSC_0542We found his Flat Stanley in the hall along with all the others. So much variety and fun information. DSC_0536Afterwards we celebrated with gelato scoops from Lazy Acres.DSC_0558A preview of summer with sunshine and friends. Today ends a long week, with my first Saturday class but I would rather brag about how next Friday it will all be over.DSC_0577This is how we feel as our family approaches countdown to ten weeks of family time.

One response to “Rewind the Week

  1. Dona

    Have a wonderful summer. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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