Pinch Me

It’s June and I am done. Last week I had no idea how I would finish giving two finals in my college class, saying good-bye in second grade, attending my own evening class, and just yesterday Paul finishing baseball. It was all fairly blurry. So much so, that I still can’t grasp that I spent a beautiful afternoon outdoors today with my friend Cara.DSC00058

She just finished her Ed.D. in Fullerton and is full of insight and support that I am going to need. Just hearing her stories makes me feel like I can better imagine what I am getting myself into. I tried falafel tacos and wore shorts to kick off my summer.


I even did a little shopping at the Patchwork festival. Succulents are what everyone loves, but even those require water. Not this cutie, she is a craft delight. She will last and last, plus children can get close up without harm. Each one was different and fun.


I always have my family in mind. So I picked up two jars of local honey flavored blackberry and avocado- yum! Heaven in a jar. My kids will eat bowls of yogurt with honey and granola and fruit. Score!


I passed on the handmade clutch. I picked it up, thought about it, and avoided the splurge. This type of mental framing and resisting instant pleasure is a new feeling. But I am trying so hard to be mindful these days. We are on the verge of a summer overhaul around here. There is plenty to toss and give away. So did I need it? or that shiny engraved ring? No. Would it have made me happy? Probably, but I replaced that thought with a reminder that I am already happy. I don’t have work and I can sleep in and be with my family (crazy cheering in my ears!). After the very difficult and emotional school year I had, this summer means more than anything. It is a symbol of surviving and hanging in there, when I thought several times I would just walk out.

It really won’t sink in for another week or so. But I am looking forward to some breakfast dates with my husband since our kids still have 8 days of school.

One response to “Pinch Me

  1. Dona

    Thinking of you all. Have a happy, fun and safe summer. Hope to see you soon. Love, Dona ❤️

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