Joe was ironing while I was in the room trying to do a little homework. I came out of the bedroom and wondered aloud why I wasn’t hearing two little ones running around or arguing or laughing (Paul was still at school).

Then I found each of them busy on their own.DSC00111He was excited to have some free time in his bedroom alone. He has been learning about the rainforest at school.

DSC00112So with the globe at his side, crayons open wide, and toad (I have been corrected several times over the last couple of days-it is not a frog) in front of him, he was busy drawing. I heard him ask Joe if this summer we could visit the rainforest.DSC00114She on the other hand, politely asked for some water and paper because she found watercolors.DSC00116She was content to have silence in the kitchen as she created “rainbows” on paper.


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