Spending the morning with these two is full of funny moments. They like to laugh.DSC00105I said I needed to go to the copy shop. She said “yum, I want coffee.” Later I said I wanted to stop in and grab a scone. She asked “what kind of bone?” She is constantly trying to make sense of information that I might be giving to Joe but she is overhearing.


At the dentist she was incredibly patient. When asked to pick out her flavor of flouride. She was given choices: grape, cherry, and bubble gum. She had the biggest smirk over choosing bubble gum.


No I did not forget that twice in the last week I have found her brother’s bubble gum wrappers piled under my night stand where she was sneaking them off, unwrapping them next to my bed, chewing, and then swallowing wads of gum. No wonder her tummy hurt. Still she makes me laugh. When I asked about them she said she was trying to hide them like easter eggs.

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