Summer Party

When we found out a teacher from the child development center was leaving after decades, we were so sad. But then we learned she was taking a risk, traveling up the coast, and wanting a new adventure. This is brave, exciting, and inspiring. So we threw her a party this past weekend.

Thankfully Matt is staying. We love them both.

DSC_0956The potluck meal and bucket full of water balloons made for minimal effort. Bubbles and beach balls from the dollar tree made for inexpensive. Streamers and a sign by Joe made for some craftiness.


The overcast weather and low key vibe took us a bit by surprise. Better than expected.


I tend to be a “glass half-empty” girl. The last two weeks had an evite list growing exponentially and because I don’t consider myself outgoing, more of an introvert, I was quickly intimidated. But during the day, I stepped back and realized this was such a lovely party in the park, maybe next year we will have summer kick off. I won’t go it alone though, it would have to be a team effort again.


And I am always so happy when little Miss O has her own set of friends. She can branch away from all the boy play and just run around with sticks and eat strawberries.DSC_0945

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