Summer is Officially Here!

I am declaring this to be true as we spent time by the pool today


splashing, whistling, talking, laughing, and eating.

DSC_1006This is a season of less structure, more freedom


I can shrug a lot or respond with a “what do you want to do?” when most of the year I have to keep a systematic schedule.


We can eat early or late.


We can stay in the pool or go play in the backyard.


We can be spontaneous and carefree.


As a parent it feels like I get to let go of some of the rules (that I don’t always love enforcing).


We can spend time with people and instead of making plans for months away, we can say see you soon and really mean it because we are making it up as we go along.


And as a wife it feels like I get to take time to consider the true needs of my amazing spouse: hence the camping trip we leave for tomorrow. He loves the outdoors and so in honor of our tradition for father’s day, we are signing off and headed out for a couple nights.


Wish us luck, and wish father’s near and far (Mike) a happy father’s day!

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