Green Valley Lake

Our annual Father’s Day camping trip.DSC_1182Paul helped navigate because our destination was a small spot on the map we highlighted, between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. DSC_1111This year’s gift was a hammock, set up on arrival with a thumbs up approval from papa.DSC_1124Of course we all took turns relaxingDSC_1158or drawing DSC_1170or snuggling inside. DSC_1194This was the first trip using both tents. I won’t lie about how nervous I was at bedtime the first night, but how happy I was to hear their giggles and snoring.DSC_1310It was also the trip where little boys were given knives for safety and fun and exploring. DSC_1116At one point Henry proudly made a “stick pencil” where he took turns writing in the dirt with Olivine.DSC_1166I spent time resisting the urge to call out warnings, rules, and instead practice what I believe about trusting my kids to go off to parts of the campsite where I couldn’t see them.

DSC_1144She didn’t always love them disappearing but we made our own fun.DSC_1335And yes, of course, there was a small green lake (kid description) for swimming in

DSC_1253along with hiking and maybe a quick drive over to Big Bear for ice cream.DSC_1263There were fires started and s’mores eaten.DSC_1175Each trip teaches us a little more about what our family needs:DSC_1143time together with little distraction, enjoying the best parts of life and taking in some sunshine.

One response to “Green Valley Lake

  1. Dona

    Hi, your trip sounds like a wonderful time. Love to all. Summer fun, and memories for the future. ❤️❤️❤️Love Dona ❤️❤️❤️

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