Self Care

I am learning, slowly, the value of self care as a mother and wife.

Luckily, I was recently given some dry green clay to make masks (thanks Jessica) as a gift from Italy. This is the perfect excuse for a little “me” time.
DSC_1400Of course, mixing clay in the kitchen draws a crowd that follows me into the bathroom. Where they insist on being included and when I pin their hair back to join me, I realize that teaching them about self care is important. It’s really hard for me to relax, especially after a busy school year and the slow building of homework. But it is possible, with eyes closed, legs outstretched in sunshine, giggles in the background, and nothing but free time.DSC_1396

2 responses to “Self Care

  1. How’d it turn out? I had mike bring you a tube of it this time. It smells really nice too.

    Hope to see you soon! Glad you are doing YOU time


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