Staying Put

It is why Olivine went to bed on time and we enjoyed fireworks early (last night) at the bay.


I would rather avoid the crowds, take advantage of the quiet, and just stay put. The boys are all out at a party.


I am a bit of an introvert and know better than to overextend myself socially. My preference: a book, a movie, and staying indoors.


It is also a theme around here lately: about looking around, taking inventory, and making choices that are wise.

Our lease is up, and rather than dash out of this place like our hearts want to do. We have decided to stay put another year and pay the rent increase that we resent. Mostly concerned that we already have many new and changing factors in our lives. Giving our kids time to process is necessary and sometimes that involves a little sacrifice or delayed gratification. So yes, those thoughts of better parking, laundry on-site, or a little yard space is going to have to wait.

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