One on One

I have been incredibly fortunate to spend much of my free time catching up. I am not so good in a group setting. But thankfully Joe knows this and has really supported my friendships. I had happy hour with a dear friend at the Social List (highly recommend) this past week. We were able to chat for almost five hours.


Yesterday morning before swim I squeezed in a quick walk and coffee with Tammy in Seal Beach. Husbands watched children and we had some time to ourselves. It filled me up.


Today, while Olivine and Joe napped, Grammy took Paul to the movies, and Henry and I went out for ice cream. Another chance to just be together with undivided attention. The time is being well spent. I haven’t cleaned as much as I would like or ran every morning, but it’s worth it. Joe and I find ourselves staying up late talking, dreaming, laughing over new episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and being grateful for a season that is truly carefree.

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