On a Whim

We woke up, realized it was a beautiful day, and without much of a plan decided to take the kids to a Dodger game. We bought tickets online along with parking and were there in an hour. Our kids were in shock the whole time.


This was our first time as a family of five at a baseball game. This stadium was a perfect chance to make our debut.


There has been plenty of build up to going to see a game in real life.DSC_1445

Sitting next to this boy and listening to him cheer each player on, I realize this is just the beginning of many more visits. He is such a fan.’


We brought along binoculars to look around and wore plenty of sunscreen.


A friendly stranger offered to take this group shot of us as we were leaving.


This afternoon game ended at just the right time to stop off at the Pie Hole.


We ate a lot of pie. But my favorite was the chai cheesecake.


Does it get much better than this? I am learning to loosen up a little more and be more spontaneous. Why not?

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