In the Kitchen

The last two days have been incredibly mellow. I mean sleeping in, wearing pajamas, stay-cation days. My family and I are good at being together, but doing our own things.

I can stand in the kitchen cooking, motivated by sitting down for a meal together, but day dreaming and keeping busy by myself (using Aunt Kathy’s sweet potato enchilada recipe).


Halfway through, Joe will come in and join me. Friends shared some fresh picked tomatoes so let’s make salsa. If you know Joe, then you know, he had to make two batches, because he likes it so spicy.


The kids will eventually wander into the kitchen as well. It’s where the laughter is. So they get out play dough (Joe made a batch last week with Olivine) and entertain themselves for an hour.


 And suddenly I realize it is a fiesta!

Topped off with one strawberry margarita. Yum!

One response to “In the Kitchen

  1. Dona

    Hi, Sounds like your summer is off to a great start. Think of you all so much. Thank you for the family notebook updates. I feel like I’ am with your family. You need to write a book !! Hope to see you all soon. Love, Dona ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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