6 Hours

is all I needed to finally feel like summer arrived.


Yesterday we arrived at the bay at 11 am and left at 5 pm.


The entire time these little ones kept moving. I watched Olivine build “cakes” over and over DSC00231and each time she finished, it was a quick “ta-da”


and then just as quick she would destroy it. Over and over.


She was happy and I was more than happy, to sit with my feet in the sand, with no stress.

The relief to not be at work, away from my family for hours at a time, combined with the enjoyed freedom of having worked ahead on homework this week. Joe has not quite entered teaching (although he did meet with HR this past week to sign paperwork and he is official!) and so the stress on his end has not set in. We are in limbo and it feels amazing!

I would argue summer has mentally begun. It took this many weeks for my mind to reset and realize I have this much non-responsibility. I wander the house with an itch to work. It’s terrible really. I start cleaning, organizing, or cooking. I almost can’t relax because I feel like I need to be productive. My brain wonders where is the pressure? anxiety? and then at the bay, the fog lifts, and I realize I have none. My shoulders physically relax, my mind empties, and I smile at nothing in particular.

Friends showed up and brought a minikayak along.


They took turns paddling


and at one point, probably reaching maximum capacity, they all three sat together.DSC00250

Eventually Paul made a friend who had a bigger kayak


and I had to try my best, to stay seated, knowing he could swim, and watch, as he went farther and farther away. DSC00251

Have I mentioned how much I love the freedom that summer brings?

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