Tooth Pillow

Henry lost his second tooth the other day. He was bummed that we had not made his tooth pillow, with a pocket, like Paul, for that first tooth.


This time I was prepared because his tooth has been loose for weeks. So I had felt out and already cut the shape. He just needed to join me, by making the face and starting to sew.

DSC_1536He broke the project up all day, taking breaks, but was determined to finish before bed.


What I am learning about Henry is he is a hard worker who is stronger in gross motor skills (running up and down a soccer field while kicking a ball) and he gets easily frustrated by fine motor skills (sewing with a needle and thread). But he does have perserverance. He enjoys accomplishing and finishing what he starts. He has more focus than I sometimes give him credit for.

DSC_1533I am happy to report that he did finish and he is reminding me that making time for crafting is important.

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