Today I am over the half-way mark of my thirties and I can honestly say I don’t feel that different. I mostly feel like I am “in my thirties” or “thirty-something.” But I do love that this next year marks huge shifts for my family. I realize it might require me to be thirty-six to fully process how much change is going to take place. And in that case, my arms are wide open to welcome this coming year.


Joe listens well and has heard me talk with fondness of these drinks. The bottle size is perfect. The labels are colorful just like I remember. These little seltzers take me straight to my grandparents house where I played “waitress” with my sister. My grandparents had every flavor and color stocked in their bar, along with a mini fridge, and we were given trays and notepads where we would walk around to people at the parties they hosted. We would take orders and organize the bottles. Oh the nostalgia. I look at these little bottles and can almost hear my grandparents laughing. DSC00278

And then there are these postcards. Building the anticipation of my birthday all month long from my dear friend Angela. The one I last saw a year ago when Olivine and I flew to Portland. It always feels like too long but she is my craft partner for life. She did these simple potato stamps with little vignetters of her life on the other side that leave me grateful for far away friends who remember and reach out. The kind of friend who has lived through dorm life (ahhhh), weddings, babies, and it only makes sense that a birthday reminds me that one more year of true friendship is lovely.


Our family wish has been to go to a hotel (maybe more mine, after camping and beach days). So that is where we are headed the next three days. See you back here, once I have laid near a pool and read a couple more books.

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