The Resort

It was a good deal (cheaper than all of us trying to go to Catalina Island) and we were looking for family-friendly which was definitely this place. Somehow also managing to feel quiet and spread out.

DSC00343The five of us can still sleep in two beds, in one room, which won’t always be true.


The first night it seems like there is always some pillow fighting and jumping around crazy style.

DSC00300 We ordered room serviceDSC_1585and birthday desserts to share
DSC00305 swam, watched a movie or two, snuggled up, and got close (but did not touch) the cactus.DSC00316 As for the drive,DSC_1738we stopped in Cabazon and can you guess what we found a deal on?DSC_1582 We also couldn’t help but stop to see the dinosaursDSC_1719of course they have seen Pee-wee’s Big AdventureDSC_1734and so this made sense.DSC_1728 It felt spoiled, luxurious, and definitely a memorable birthday.

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