With 41 pools on site we spent most of the time near or in water.
DSC_1626With two kids swimming, and all three water safe, we had plenty of time to do this:DSC00334and enjoy the view.



There was a pool ten steps from our door and that meant we had to have rules about no one going in the water until one of us were there. This was all about practicing patience.
DSC00344and they listened.DSC_1598The heat made it so that there was never much time spent laying out
DSC00325instead lots of playing.
DSC00329There was a family pool area where the boys made friends and borrowed swim toys.
DSC00331Olivine loved the shallow, kiddie pool
DSC_1608she might have felt differently if it had been crowded,
DSC_1611plus the water play fountains.
DSC_1614Paul did bring his snorkeling gear
DSC00349and you can see why I imagine the fun in a few years taking this kid to Catalina would be:



The walk to and from the different pools was easy.DSC_1634There was an amazing storm on Sunday night. Joe and Henry went night swimming, while the rest of us stayed inside.DSC_1586The pool made us feel spoiled and grateful all at the same time
DSC00345and now for trying to get them to understand that it was a hotel
DSC00279 not a “new, little house” that they already want to go back to.

2 responses to “Poolside

  1. Stella Rollog

    Looks like a wonderful birthday treat! What resort was this?

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