Old Lady

Jumping with both feet in and the attitude that I will adjust faster to the cold water this way. I went to a community group this week at the church I visited just once. It’s close enough to walk to, Joe was home to put the kids down, and I am craving prayer with other Christians.

I knew it would be a group of strangers and because it was the first meeting I was relieved that it was mostly strangers making connections across the city and in faith. Besides the short introduction and prayer, it was a “get to know one another” time. Which I am terrible at and don’t know where to start. So I typically eavesdrop and then interrupt ( seriously terrible etiquette).

I overhear two guys talking about surfing next to me (vaguely interesting) when I suddenly hear “Ryan and Tammy with the three kids. Ryan the tall, skinny guy with glasses.” And of course have to interrupt. Because this is the description of my friends from high school, the same friends who invited me to church, and who is this guy? Do we know each other? How is he using my description of this same guy, that I have been using since middle school?

I tap his arm and ask how he knows these friends. He then says they are family. He tells me his father is Jason, Tammy’s older brother. My jaw drops. This is Nick.


Nick the baby I held as a teenager when my arms were decorated in glitter bracelets. Nick the one who played baseball as a kid. Nick the one I have prayed for every time I have run into his father and grandmother. Nick the only child, with many siblings. Nick who now lives in Long Beach and will be twenty this month.

So of course as I freak out, he has no real idea who I am. For all he knows I am a stalker or a psychic but this young, charming, handsome man is kind to my crazy old lady memory. He even let’s me snap this picture as proof because I know Joe won’t believe me when I get home.

I leave the group, slowly under streetlights, in disbelief at God’s kingdom. It stretches far and wide, yet close and overlapping. A small confirmation for my wandering heart that I as I take one step forward, God will answer in wonderful ways.

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