A Year Later

Last summer my friend Jenny took me up an offer to reorganize her home office. She works from home and needed a less cluttered space. As this summer approached I started to bug her to let me come over and take a peek at the progress. There was a whole book shelf I had left untouched, wanting to do a part two last summer. A quick follow up.
The year passed, so did the summer, and when she emailed last minute about being free today. I jumped at the chance. I have been waiting a good six months for this:
DSC01286Just like I thought it would be. I was thrilled (what does that say about me?). She wanted it cleared and moved.
DSC01287That is all she had to say and then the books came flying off the shelf. She put up with all my jokes and commentary about gem trails, outdated Thomas guides (don’t you use google maps?), the Harry Potter series, multiple dictionaries (how many words and definitions do you need?), and we proudly shrunk the pile while laughing.
I would say we took out half the books. Bags full were removed and I broke code by bringing five or so home.


Her husband was the hero who brought us lunch


and immediately offered to take the books to Gatsby Books and get store credit. While we also threw out three bags of trash.

We moved the shelf out back, where painting may take place this weekend and another project will transpire.
DSC01289 The goal was to have a space for her husband to add a desk to the home office.
DSC01296 We did it. We made space.
DSC01295 We made half a dozen future plans: paint the office, organize the crafts, develop a system for school work from her boys, empty the dining buffet and replace with painted bookcase, streamline photos, and so we left ourselves with a list. Dreaming big. Seriously why not? I think with some dates on the calendar we can get these projects tackled.

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