Word Salad

I thought I would be a better record keeper of the mix ups my kids make in speech. I love it. I always crack up and if I don’t write them down, my brain can’t always recall them later. But here is the latest versions from our toddler Olivine:


She loves this book (The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle) and in particular these two pages. Where she says with expression “He was a BIG, FAT caterpillar!” and corrects me if I get it wrong. He goes into a Raccoon for two weeks. Look at the picture. It’s a raccoon. Not a cocoon. And so we don’t argue, I just agree.


There is also this Disney book with old artwork I love. She doesn’t know Mickey Mouse. She doesn’t like the name. She says no everytime and says “those are Minnie Mouses.” She really likes Minnie. This might be the influence of her cousin Fiona.

Then there is the me singing “This little light of mine” but she says it is really “this little light a my.” If I sing it too slow and she hears me singing, she will stop the song. I guess I sung it to her little baby brain so much it only makes sense her head that one way.

The best this week, has been asking to go buy cereal. When asked what kind she says “you know, my favorite, Chucky Charms.” You know what she means, as do I. But then my response is: “When they sell that cereal, I will buy it.” Sounds perfect for Halloween. Olivine needs to be hired on some marketing team. Scary, fun foods.

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